Server hopping no need for carts?

Walheim - five bosses

Just started playing and haven’t killed even the first boss

However me and my 2 other friends decided to splurge on our own server. Lets call this Team Server. However this took a week or two to nail down and I started my own server( world) and made a huge chest bank fort. This Server is just the free one that’s part of the game as I host. Let’s call this Home Server

I log in to Team Server and decide to log some core wood in the Black Forest because I love core wood. I am full. So I log off and go to Home Server and I have over 30 chests to offload. I log off here and go back to Team Server and I can go farming again without the hassle of running all the way back to Alpha Site to unload

Meanwhile I have another character called Mule II( first one died horribly in a mod incident) that can log into Home Server to grab the resources and then log off and go to Team Server Alpha Site and unload resources to the chests there

Rinse and repeat

I’m not using any mods or cheats but I see here about using a cart and how hauling stuff is part of the game yet nothing is preventing me from just logging off and relogging to quickly transport goods

Am I missing something here? Is there any benefit from using carts or is this something that will be patched up later?( exploit?)

Also wanted to add we tried Valheim plus mods but for some reason every time I logged off my game would crash and I would lose all character items and data


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