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New Valheim update


We got bored because a few of our team are powerlevelers who didn't do any base building. We implemented the following server rules on a restart, and we've been having a blast (except for the absolutely horrendous houses my teammates build). Do you guys have any house server rules you impose to draw out or make the game better?

1) Appease Thor

Thor demands you drop your most upgraded item into the obliterator on death to say sorry for fucking up his swag. This encourages multiple sets, and planning for what you bring, as well as multiple boss kills to replace lost keys and items.

2) Base

Valheim Holy Grail – One of every available item must be hung up in an appropriate trophy room in the center of town. That item is untouchable, and everything in a tier must be fully upgraded before moving onto the next boss. This includes taming.

It takes a village – Each person is required to have a house (or a shack if you're dumb – with fully upgraded crafting stations as part of the Holy Grail)

One base move – We will move our base and whatever we can carry on 5 longships once Moder is down. We will move to the plains, and need to find a double or triple pillar plains spot. The first triple we find is immediate no matter how shitty. We get 1 skip on a double pillar, but can't go back to it.

3) Muh Atmosphere

Witness Me – Every 100 in game days a sacrifice must be made. Straws will be drawn and one person must be witnessed running into the plains with a weapon, naked, to give their life for our failure to clear the game.

You don't know me – fights can happen among Viking warriors. Anytime you challenge someone over a lack of organization in chests, base building design, lack of playtime, what tactics were used that got someone killed, etc. – A challenge is issued. I will dig a put with a single beam across it, and all disputes must be resolved by a naked kicking battle over the pit. First one to fall off loses the argument, and risks death by pungy sticks, facing the Appease Thor rule.


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