Setting up Odyssey Ground Assault Team – Someone interested in joining?

Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel (33 years, platform: Steam) and I am looking for five friendly and open-minded commanders who are interested in setting up an Odyssey Ground Assault Team from scratch. Nothing is thought out yet. So there will be plenty of room for all your thoughts and ideas.

Some might ask: Why now? With Odyssey yet to be released? I believe it is just the right time. My goal is to find players who are eager to talk about tactics beforehand instead of attending this new combat chapter unorganized.

There are a few conditions which are important to me:

  • You have a microphone and are willing to attend a one-hour long team meeting once a week.
  • You have 200 million credits on your account (for a quick and more advanced set of suits and weapons right from the release).
  • You have spent 300+ hours in game.
  • You are often playing ED at the weekend.
  • You are a computer player (due to the postponed console release).

If you are interested, awesome! PM me on reddit and tell me in 2-3 sentences why you think you would be the right guy for such a team.



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