Settle this debate! Two friends with two different play styles?

I have two buddies that keep budding heads. Friend 1 keeps looking up information on the next bosses, crafting recipes, and guides. Friend 2 keeps getting annoyed because he says it takes away from the blind adventure and discovery. They both kinda suck at explaining what their points of view are. Anyone have any input on this debate?

one example, friend 2 found the dragon egg and got really excited at what he found, within seconds friend 1 told him it doesnt do anything cool its just for summoning a boss.

additional example, Friend 1 and friend 2 both have homes built in game. Friend 1 only places furniture down because he googled it increases some resting bonus. Friend 2 on the other hand never looked anything up but just furnished his house cause he liked how it looked. Ironically friend 2 had all these bonuses naturally that friend 1 had to google.


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