Share your thoughts on the Economy this wipe.

I'm level 40. 50% SR. So far this wipe:

-Never been over 5 million accrued.

-Still run my scav to afford kits.

-Bit coin farm only has 5 graphics cards in it — not worth the fuel cost.

-Been broke more than 2 dozen times (0-100k roubles)

-Armor has been priced affordably (<300k for top tier armor)

-Barter items FiR still feel valuable.

-Meta guns are obtainable but hard to maintain. (50% of runs tops)

The economy feels great to me compared to previous wipes. By this time I usually have a full GPX bank 50/50 and 20+ mil plus all the keys. This wipe I have keys for 2 maps and haven't even started building my labs key chain due to money reasons. Overall I feel much more broke and I'm performing better on average than my previous wipes. I think the struggle is what keeps the game fresh as I am typically about to call it quits about this time and wait for the next wipe.

I hope the trend continues in this direction next wipe and maybe even push flea back to level 30/40.

What have your experiences been? You feel flush? You feel like you can run whatever ammo you want? You still stuck grinding for the flea? Whats goin on?


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