Shiny object syndrome…

This is effecting me every time I log into the game. I started with earning money because I left the bubble way to early. I bought a hauler as my first upgrade to try to make cash, then a vulture to do combat, then sold the vulture and went toward hauling in an ASPX, tried another vulture, sold it. Starting doing good in mining, got a Python and used that to get an Anaconda. Sold the Python, and sold the Anaconda and I'm mining in a T9 now. Saw that goids are hitting Delphi, so I bought an FDL. The only action I got was killing a few scouts and running into some major Asshats ramming ships coming into the rescue carrier. I see posts about exploring, I'm in, someone mentions combat, I'm in….what ever is shiny today is what I'm into. I can't seem to find a track and stick to it.


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