Ship kits and the HUD display ship model on the dash

Hello guys, as a new player to ED Horizons (my PC can't run Odyssey), I know this topic might have been gone through before but I really do like to make this suggestion for ED development team:

The ship model that's displayed on your dash HUD should really also display whatever ship kits you put on the ship, on that ship model on the dash. Otherwise it makes buying body kits somewhat pointless as the only 2 ways you can see it is to toggle to 3rd person camera, or at livery/outfitting screen in a station.

For example, for people like me, I am very picky of the looks of ships in the game, some ships don't look good at all to me until I put on a body kit, but then you won't be able to see what it actually looks like on the HUD display which is just a tiny bit annoying…

I get that it's something very minor compared to what Odyssey is going through, and it's a very subjective point that I am making, but it should be something worthy of considering later down the road.

Hope the developers see this message and take it into consideration. It would definitely be a nice little feature to add.

Thanks for viewing this post.


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