Ship’s armour and HRPs.

Are the following ships equivalent and interchangeable when only the armour concerns us?

ship-1: Milit Grad Comp g5 HD & DP plus 1D HRP g5 blast res and 1D HRP g4 kinetic res & layered plat.

absolute 2,090 – explosive 2,426 – kinetic 2,439 – thermal 1,816 – caustic 2,090

ship-2: React Surf Comp g5 HD & DP plus 1D HRP g2 thermal resistance and reflective plating

absolute 1,957 – explosive 2,416 – kinetic 2,577 – thermal 1,809 – caustic 1,957

Please ignore the slight difference here and there or state if a difference somewhere is enough to make a difference and thus the ships aren't identical enough and therefore are not interchangeable.

Is there a trick to target HRPs as we do in other internal modules like PP and FSD?


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