I have to say, when I use Beams a lot. I moved to Long Range to give me an advantage at a distance and enable me to get longer time on target.

I have a Kraite II and Vette with these equiped though after the last engineering mod I haven't had a chance to use the Vette yet.

Using the Kraite and Vette common issues were running out of power, so I'd have to halt in order to recharge, even at 4 pips, and the heat issues running up into the 130-150 range.

I popped back to the engineer (same one fortunately) to do 2 things, apply heat vent to the beams and engineer the PD for Weapons Focus (got it up to 5, with Flow Control). I can't believe how much difference that made. On the PD front, it runs at 3-4 pips and I've stripped and the shields from and destroyed both Anacondas and T10s. On the cooling front, now with extended use as a big ship heads toward me (I tend to run in reserve to increase the time it takes to fly past me – that was a good tip from someone months ago) I get the lovely crackling sound of ice forming. I still have some engineering room to add to the beams which will push heat up a little more I think, but I feel comfortable that I have plenty of room.



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