Shold I play Elite Dangerous?

I recently found out about this game, and I am quite interested, but still in doubt, should I play it. I have some experience in different kinds of MMOs, but none of them fully satisfied me. I played EVE Online, and this game seems quite similar, so let's I tell what I dislike in EVE, and you will try to guess, will I like this game. I expect this game to be better and don't have belowmentioned problems.

So, here is the list of things I hate in EVE (why I left it):

– Very grindy, mindless and boring PVE gameplay

– Boring PVP gameplay (first you spend much time travelling to the destination, and then you mindlessly press F1 at the highlighted enemies)

– Need to wait for skill training to get to some content

– Lack of goals

I am looking for some challenging and fun gameplay, that will encourage me to train and get better in the game.

So is this game is what I am looking for? Do you think I should play it?


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