Shotgun Ammo Testing: 12 Gauges

So in light of the newest additions to the 12 gauge caliber; I've decided to run some testing of all the new ammo types at the Hideout Gun range to test differences between the ammunition.

I've condensed my tests into short, ~2 minute video clips; which you can watch in this playlist here

Currently I have all the "Buckshot" type ammo's completed; and there is also one here for the old school "Lead" slugs.

Will I be doing the 20 Gauge Toz ammos?
Yes probably, just need some time off to work on this

Wheres all the other Slugs at?
I have them recorded, I just need to edit them together into similar format as this.

Why use the 153?
153 is arguably one of the most effective shotguns currently, but i do plan to revist these tests down the road for the other shotguns as well. For now its a good baseline.


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