Uh I wanted to create this post to see how everyone feels about the current states of shotguns rn.
Imo the heavy shotgun needs a nerf despite it being satisfying to hit 200 pumps the gun does great damage from a great distance in creative there’s no outrunning this weapon especially if there’s unlimited mats
In battle royale it’s easier to space out but coming close range to it makes it fatal. I think it’s damage from a distance should be nerfed tbh irdc about the 200 pump but it can crack your shield from 2-5 floors away iirc which is kinda broken if you ask me.
I think the tactical shotguns are fine as so as the levers.
I feel like The combat shotgun should come back as it’s not broken IMO I think of it as another A.R despite being great from far and close distance but I’ve never had a problem with this weapon.
and i think the heavy shotgun (the one with 7 bullets) should come back as it seems balanced. i really havent played the game in a while but i really want those 2 weapons back. thats all thanks for reading


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