Shoud Pro Rank be harder to achieve?

the witcher and ciri gwent

Right now everyone and their mothers can get to pro rank easily. There are posts of people who played for one month and got to pro rank. And there aren't really and meaningful milestones to get after pro rank. Sure, you can be in top 500, but first this is not really celebrated by game that much, second of all it comes much later than pro rank, there is nothing in between.

In beta, getting to rank 21 was a much bigger and rewarding challange. There were seasons, when 21 rank alone would ensure you spot in top 1000. It was not for everyone and it required quite a bit of skill, practice and meta knowledge to get there. You needed to keep >50% winrate percentage through all your games to reliably acheive 21. Also, it was super rewarding from game, with unique borders, titles and avatars. Right now everything you need is a lucky win streak. And at the end of the season everyone is basically in pro rank, so getting there from rank 1 is especially easy. Right know, after reaching pro rank you either try to grind your way to top 500 (which is generaly reserved for top top players), set your own meaningless milestones (like getting factions to certain mmrs and so on) or, for most of the players swith to weak, meme decks. And don't getme wrong I love moment in meta when everybody on low pro rank just stop giving a fu**, but I don't think this situation should belong to the highest rank you can get in Gwent.

So there is a question, should Pro Rank be harder to get? Maybe it should require much larger win streak? Or maybe even better, you should be allowed to drop to rank 1? Or maybe, it would be better to bring back older milestones and put it into Pro Rank (top 1000, top 10 000) and make them play more significant roles? Something to make Pro Rank actually fell like Pro Rank.


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