Should behavior score be more strict now?

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I want to start of by saying I'm a 10k behavior score, and I honestly don't think I deserve it. I get tilted, I flame back, nothing too crazy but definitely not pristine behavior, I have a problem with saying exactly what's on my mind. With Overwatch I feel like a lot less false reports get through the system. Which means it's even easier to maintain a 10k, which while a good thing, a few commends each game can offset so much.

I think that either BS should be uncapped, like MMR, or we should aim for a lower average. Maybe 8k could be the new "above average" behavior. People who are the epitome of PMA shouldn't have the same (or close to the same) behavior score with players who AFK farm if they don't get their way. Hell, I shouldn't be matched with PMA gods.

What do you think? Is BS working fine or should it be more strict?


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