Should I buy the type-7?

Currently I'm sitting in my nearly fully engineered Krait mkII and doing a mix of AX, pve missions, core mining and some other stuffff. God damnit it's a fine vessel.

Anyways, Looking to give trading a shot as I hear its a decent way to make money these days (and it's really the last part of this game I haven't touched in the slightest). Also for PP modules.

Long story short I'm eyeballing the type-7 right now. I am well aware its not versatile at all and there's an argument to go with aspX or just buy a python (as I live in the Krait mk II camp i'll probably never buy one out of spite). But, I don't have a ship for hauling and I only need it for this one task. I have my dbx for exploring and long distance needs and my Krait mk II for practically anything else I need mid-game. Planning on adding an Anaconda into the fleet eventually.

Is the Type-7 a good choice for my hauling/trading needs? It strikes me as a good mid-game option if you only using it for trading.



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