Should I play online?

I’ve played many hours of Elite dangerous but only ever in Solo mode. The reasons being 1. Fear of griefers (As I’ve actually never touched combat in this and am currently saving for modules so I can build a combat ship). I decided to leave online so I was in a comfortable position with money for rebuy’s but i’ve actually spent it all so trying to save again lol.

Second reason being i’m on xbox and not sure how inconvenient the chat box might be for talking to players. Do you have to type or is there a proximity chat with mic’s I could use? Any answers/ advice would be greatly appreciated.

It just seems to be that the community side of things is obviously a large part of the game but also the wing missions and stuff sound like they make you decent cash if you ally with a faction and doing that or mining with friends may be alot less tedious together. I have 0 pals who play this game so finding folk online would be an obvious start for me.

Thanks people. o7


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