Should the SICC case be able to hold paracord?

Cliff descent seems to be Jaeger's specialty with the RR barter, and I'd say requiring four million roubles of barter trades from a level three trader is enough to get access to the extract without also consuming two secure slots, not to mention that losing two secure slots hurts lower edition players far more than EOD players, especially considering that reserve has a massive 31 keys. Reserve's extracts are a bit of a mess right now, and so are reserve secure setups, and I think there's an opportunity here to double down on the SICC case as the container for Reserve, as it's honestly struggling to find a role on other maps with fewer keys, as the docs case can hold more types of valuables to get them out safely and keytools can hold every key for most other maps at once while freeing up a secure cell. I'm looking forward to seeing the responses here because I'm still working out my own gamma setup for reserve and I want to see how much of an impact this change would have on other players.


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