Should there be a regular schedule for wipes to occur?

I think every 3 or 4 months would be ideal. Here's why:


In my opinion gameplay after a wipe is the best gameplay this game has to offer. Everyone has a lot at stake, each raid can make or break your bank and this gives it some magic spice. Your first marked room weapons case feels good, after that you're chasing the dragon.

People are too t h I c c when it takes this long. Playing against thermals every game changes the experience and takes it away from i think was intended by BSG.

New people are at a huge disadvantage right now. Of course it's never supposed to be easy, but as I mentioned before, THERMALS EVERYWHEREEE. I also think this makes half of the guns worthless because of the price of ammo, maybe that's just me though.

Questline is over and I'm sort of bored! It took me more than 3 months, but since getting the kappa I've lost some interest. The change in game play that I described above mixed with this has made me lose interest.


The questline: its pretty hard-core and does take time to complete for the not Pestilys out there. I know BSG doesn't want to make it too easy, but if the wipes come every 3-4 months then I think pretty massive changes would have to occur.

It feels like Christmas when a wipe is announced as it stands now. People look forward to it for so long that when it finally comes it feels better than I think it would if they were regularly scheduled. (At the same time, it happens slightly more frequently as Christmas soooo…)

Knowing that all the gear you worked for is getting stripped away in three weeks may have a negative impact on peoples view of the game. It might give people the idea, "Why keep playing now? I failed this wipe, might as well wait for two weeks and come back and see if I can do better next time." Maybe not though.


What are your thoughts?


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