Shout out to Brown and Red for not voting me out even though they figured out I was the imposter because they knew I was a new player and gave me instructions on how to be an imposter.

I downloaded the app on my smartphone this morning and about half an hour ago I was running around trying to explore the ship to get used to the map and I didn't kill the other two players because I was still getting used to the controls. During the Emergency Meeting I said I was fixing the wires as an alibi because I vaguely remembered that minigame was accessed through a panel but then:

Pink (me): Wire minigame is hard.

Brown: you were downloading

Pink: oh

Pink: sorry I forgot I'm new and I haven't played before.

Brown: you should sabotage

Brown: reactor or O2

Pink: wait aren't you gonna vote me out

Brown: nah

Then when the meeting ended they led me to the reactor and let me sabotage it. It took a few seconds to work out what to press but I did it and I waited until they fixed the reactor but instead they ran around in circles and both of them died.

That was so nice of them. I played a few rounds with them until I accidentally quit the game without saying goodbye and I feel so bad because we looked out for each other. Brown didn't kill me when he was the imposter (straight up said he didn't want to) in the next waiting room chat and vouched for me in another emergency meeting. (I trust pink)

I earned the nickname of Smart Girl because I correctly predicted an imposter because I was certain that Brown couldn't be the imposter three times in a row. While I was doing the Med Sample Analysis I waited in the Med Bay with Brown and we both ran around to show we weren't a threat.

He had a witch hat and a mini crew mate and his username was I Am Lonely if I can remember.

Thanks for the great first game, Brown.

  • From Eevee (Pink)


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