Sick and tired of this game

EDIT: everyone is crying over the groups issue, you know it makes the game super easier for people playing in groups of 3+, but of course your egos get bruised when people tell you that. You'll never be as good as someone playing solo and you all know it.

Go ahead and hate me if you read all of this. I could care less, just like BSG doesn't care about fixing these things. Or even better, go ahead and delete this post, like I know mods on here will probably do.

– Every wipe has had changes that made me hate this game more and more, like adding the FIR change for selling at Flea Market and doing quests.

– I play solo and every time I go in maps like Interchange, Reserve or Shoreline I get wiped by squads of 3 people and up to 5 people. This main problem makes the game unplayable for solo players, and no, I don't want to play with anyone.

– The perfect kick in the nuts regarding the group issues is BSG tweeting people to post pictures of their groups in raids, and the only pictures you see are of people playing in max group limit.

– Playing in groups makes the game completely stupid easy and people playing solo (even duo) are always at a disadvantage. Instead, sewer rats going in groups of 5 at resort completely wipe the lobby and then scoop up every possible loot in there. Not to speak of even killing one of them, which will just make a friend pick up their gear so there's no real use for insurance even.

– Spawning in huge maps like Shoreline or Customs only to have a group of gutter rat players spawn at a stone throw away and getting decked. Oh wow BSG that sure makes the game fun! Nikita didn't you want PVP to be super rare in this game? And yet this shit has happened from day one.

– The sound is such trash that the sound of people running up to me kicks in only when they're literally 5 meters away. You can't even tell if they're above or below you.

– Scav players spawn in the first minutes of a raid, I've gotten killed by grimy scav rats after having killed a group on Reserve, more than once.

– Scav AI is such complete trash that they kill you with buckshot at 60 meters away with a perfectly placed shot in the eyes, plus they always know exactly where you are. Not only so, but when they're not headshotting you, they're destroying your limbs instead of bodyshotting.

– Maps are so god damn dark, even with post processing, that I'm wondering if BSG don't want me to put brightness at 100%. Completely unplayable on maps like Interchange.

– When brightness on maps is not jet black, then the bloom effect burn the corneas of your eyes

– Scavs see you in perfect pitch black in maps like Interchange, and I have to squint my eyes at the screen to even see anything.

The only thing that makes me happy in this game anymore is:

– Seeing a group of players and managing to kill a couple of them. This makes my day, even if they kill me. I just hope that I got to ruin a few hours of their day and their raid, I hope I made them loose all that time and money, and for them to wait for their rat friends to camp for the insurance or to waste time going to exfil with their pal's gear.

– Ending a raid without killing anyone and selling a bunch of tubes, motors and hoses.

– Starting hatchling, opening marked rooms in Reserve, picking all of the valuable shit and stashing in secure container, and if there's weapons then hope to kill someone and ruin their raid.


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