Sight distance

So I’m on my second wipe and I’ve noticed two separate issues with visibility I’m having compared to other players. I’ll use an example for the first issue, when I’m at room 301 in the West Wing of resort, and I’m taking a look over to the 2nd or 3rd floor of East Wing, the windows are almost a solid black. I’ve had players snipe me through those windows when I was halfway down the hallway and I find it super hard to see through them. Secondly, sometimes it seems as if players can see farther distances where all I can see is a dark grey mess. For example, let’s say I’m looking from the cupboard, near West 205 and I’m using a 6x scope looking down the skybridge, many times especially on a foggy day all I see is grey with no detail at the end of the hallway, where once again I’ve been sniped from the opposite wing when I’m taking a prone defensive position by the elbow when I couldn’t see them at all. I could be unlucky and just having players make really great shots with almost no visibility, but is there a way to improve stuff like this? Could it be the limitations of my pc in some way? Appreciate all the insight you guys have as always!


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