Silenced Shotgun Snipers

When I originally had all the silenced shotgun quests on shoreline and woods for scavs and pmcs I was just gonna leave them. I was thinking…Fuck that. Then I stumbled across a streamer sniping with the Saiga. So I decided, well why not give it a go. First few raids trying to get any sort of kill I realized two things;

1: CQB is not gonna work
2: Sights aren't accurate.

So I realized not only did I have to use AP Slugs and snipe, but I HAD to put on a laser. About a dozen raids later I had them all done. I literally am blown away by the amount of Longshots I pulled off just by adding a laser to pinpoint someone's head. Now I'm team shotty snipes. I may work some load outs into my regular raids it worked so well. And slug rounds are less than 400 a piece? Man. Why did no one tell me!?

Would love to hear everyone's favorite sniper shotgun build. Mine is the Saiga with a 2.5x sight and a blue tac laser along with a bunch of ergo attachments.


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