Silencer should return the intel stolen when he dies (even if this means buffing the amount of intel stolen)

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Biased post because I just hate having my intel permanently stolen by silencer.

But I think my suggestion has merits. Basically I'd make silencer steal 5 intel per kill, but all that intel is returned when silencer dies.

Benefits are:

  1. Feels less oppressive, there's always a way to gain back the stolen intel (just kill silencer), there is always HOPE, it's not gone forever
  2. At the same time silencer steals much more intel if he doesn't die, so if silencer plays super well (never dies) he can quickly rack up a lot of intel and have a lot of fun (until he dies)
  3. And best of all: fits his theme better because stealing 5 intel may actually cause enemies to be unable to cast spells even at full mana at some point, which is the ultimate form of silence. Stealing 2 intel is just really annoying but will never reach a point where an enemy really struggles to cast spells even at full mana.


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