Silver Edge feels….

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Like honestly you would only ever buy this item if you’re against heroes like Bristleback and Spectre or you’re a Slark because this item just feels… underwhelming

It’s a 5600 gold item for 15 intel, 4 Mana Regen, 40 Damage and 45 Attack Speed and honestly if you want Damage or Attack speed there are way better items like S&Y.

I get this item is supposed to be a situational item but COME ON. A 5.6k item for a situational item which Supports and Offlane can’t really or want to really buy. Carry don’t even want to buy this thing because it’s just a waste of space.

Even situational items like Shiva’s Guard and Heaven Helbert is more appealing.

The invis isn’t really that great in higher rank, people starts carrying around the 80 gold Dust or placing the 50 gold ward which makes your typical Riki carry cries

Unless I’m missing something Silver Edge feels like a underwhelming item to me and an item I never want to buy.

Just asking to make sure I’m not the only one who think this. Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s more useful than I think?


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