Silver ore transport/refining – Mountains (solo play)

Maypoles, Flower/Berry Spawns, & Seed Crops should increase honey yield.

My first playthrough 100% solo and am enjoying it as a completely different experience than playing with a crowd of friends or just my son and I. Just killed Bonemass and have headed to the mountains to find silver and, oddly, found a massive vein just a few steps from the first mountain base I set up (just a small ruined tower boarded up and roofed with a teleporter back home).

I got iron harvesting in the swamp down to a science. I used a cart and took enough mats for a workbench/forge (level2 to repair the iron pickaxe), enough wood for a small stake wall and roof over the crafting stations, and a teleporter. I would teleport home to unload all the non-metal loot and then keep going until that particular site was empty. Rinse, repeat until the cart was full of 30 stack iron ore, pre-planned to end up at the water longship everything home. I could have set up the entire forge/crafting station there in my small just-outside-the-swamp base, and I did, but then I miss the tension of putting all that ore into a ship and getting it home without dying 🙂

I'm curious as to how solo players approach this in the mountains. Nowhere near as easy and it seems I'm resigned to just bringing ore to a centralized location near the edge of the biome and then carting it all down toward an area where I can ship it home. Sure, I could just build a new home base with everything IN the mountains, but I'm trying to avoid that.


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