Simlas vs. Mammuna

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Both Simlas and Mammuna are essentially the same:

2 power + 2 x (value of the same bronze card)

Both Simlas and Mammuna have a very similar setup:

Simlas: keep both copies of the same bronze card in deck

Mammuna: have one copy of a bronze in GY and another copy of the same bronze in deck


  • Mammuna can play 2x 9 pts of a bronze, whereas Simlas can't.
  • Mammuna has a Zeal/Order ability that can be utilized by another in-faction card, whereas Simlas has a Deploy and no other card utilizes it.
  • Mammuna is 2 provisions cheaper.
  • Simlas generates +2 pts for Gord, whereas Mammuna can generate +2X pts (X = number of Selfeaters) and/or +Y pts (Y = thrive units).
  • When bricked, Mammuna could still play for value above her provision cost, whereas Simlas in this case would play for significantly less value.

Now tell me, Reddit, what do you think when you're looking at these stats? This is only a discussion, please keep it civil.


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