Since Fortnite is (apparently) transitioning to “Chapter 3” at the end of the current BR season – does that mean we could possibly see the “Save the World will no longer be able to support all upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetic purchases” go into effect?

As mentioned here in this State of Development post.

This makes me think more about the recently added Battle Pass XP in StW as well… which was coincidentally just added before this upcoming new chapter (why now?). I'm wondering if the BR XP was added to keep some of the StW player base interested in BR (and the BR player base interested in StW). Example of what I think they want to hear from players by adding BR XP – "I know the cosmetics in the newest Battle Pass aren't supported in StW… BUT… since I do get easy BP XP in StW… I might as well get it."

I'm just speculating about the XP part and on whether or not Chapter 3 will be when this happens… but (again) Epic did say they weren't going to be supporting all upcoming cosmetics at some point.

So, two main questions I'm asking myself – "Will Chapter 3 be when this happens?" and "To what extent will the newer cosmetic support cease?"


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