Since I’ve reached 10k behaviour score(again) I have lost 30 matches (mostly in a row) not due to my lack of skill but to the system pairing me with players that need “rehabilitation”.

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Thank you Valve, but no, this is not the way to improve the community.

I have nothing against losing, give me 50 in a row but don't give me players that are scums. I am paired with new accounts and toxic people on a constant basis since 10k.

I don't want to be forced to abandon to reach 8k-9k to have decent matches. It shouldn't be like this. C'mon! and I'm not the only one experiencing this, there are other several threads.

The way the system is designed right now is hurting the people that want to play.

LE: thank god I got 6 reports, back to 9k.

Whoever doesn't believe I can show you that from this point onwards I will win most of the games and climb back to my trash archon level, but it's because I belong there in the first place and I got demoted due to rehabilitation matchmaking that others need because Valve thinks 10K players should suffer.

God damn it!


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