Since the Dueling Fates update, Grimstroke is the only new hero that doesn’t have a skill that can proc attack modifiers.

Dota2 Mods

And most of them involves skill with instant attacks (uses hero’s regular damage and deals instant damage upon using skill – e.g. Boundless Strike)

  • Dark Willow – Shadow Realm modifies auto-attack with bonus magical damage
  • Pangolier – Swashbuckle fixes hero damage and hit multiple times and can proc modifiers
  • Mars – God’s Rebuke is an instant attack with crit
  • Snapfire – Lil’ Shredder fixes hero damage (like Swashbuckle) while buff is active with increased base attack time and can proc certain modifiers, level 20 talent makes use of regular hero damage instead of fixed damage
  • Void Spirit – Astral Step is an instant attack with crit that can proc modifiers and has added delayed magical damage
  • Hoodwink – Acorn Shot is an instant attack that can proc modifiers
  • Dawnbreaker – Starbreaker is a triple instant attack combo with a stun


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