Since the other mode’s exp system is now very bad. It’s the chance to let STW players to earn Battle Pass exp now.

Once again, Epic is being Epic again by pissing off the community, they even nerfed the impostors mode's exp gain by more than half. So after seeing a post about the same suggestion. Someone asked: How would we do that in STW? So i have posted some suggestions. I hope you like it.

My own suggestions for this:

  • make a challenge that requires 1000 husks eliminated, gives 5k exp. You can only do 1,000 husk eliminations for once. Just like eliminating the mist monsters. It's repeatable. This is as a measurement from preventing people doing that quest in a single endurance so they don't abuse it. So yeah, no abusable things in there mates.

  • Eliminate 200 husks attacking the objective, then you are eligible for the "victory experience". Depends on the region (2500 for stonewood, 5,000 for plankerton, 7,500 for canny valley, and 10,000 for twine peaks) . So jailbuilders should start playing the game properly now.

  • For storm shields. You'd get 7,500 from war games. 5,000 exp for completing storm shield defenses in from stonewood, 7500 from plankerton, 10000 from canny valley, 15,000 from twine peaks. Story quests are now required to be completed in order to advance in storm shields. It's a measurement to prevent abuse.

  • Helping players do storm shields will reward 5,000 exp. Doing war games will reward 5,000 as well, but that won't stack with the other. These take considerable time for sure.

  • Daily challenges now also reward 30,000 exp for completing it.

  • Leveling up in commander will reward 10,000 exp for 3 levels only. Resets on Item Shop rotation. This counts for people who reached level 310.

  • Completing Event missions will reward 2,500 exp (looking at you dungeons farmers)

  • Leveling up in ventures will reward 2000 exp (total 100000 exp)

  • Founders get a 30% boost in all exp they earn

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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