Sirius Permit, the madness, the waste of time. Please help.

According to every thread I read, every video I've watch, I have to be allied with Sirius Corporation in order to have a chance to see the permit mission prompt in some Sirius owned stations. Well I am, and in over 2 days and a half and almost 3, Ive been doing exactly what people been saying around, Stay in a station wait till board refresh check if you have it, change station if you have to, switch between open play/Private session/Solo play. Some post saying that I need 1/3 of the way to level 4 with Elvira Martuuk. Well I have all of that done.

Honestly I'm just trying to get my engineering done before the next expansion release and All I'm seeing is that I've wasted 3 days straight looking a mission board hoping for the mission to show up. I just came back from a long and tedious 5k ly trip and back to be dealing with RNG. This just feel like a huge waste of my time, I'm on edge and starting to think about jumping out of the game for good.

Does anyone know if I've been doing something wrong or am I not just lucky enough yet ?I know I am not the first one asking around about this, even saw a post and Fdev awnsering and acknowledging this is the most "akward invites to get", well yes it is, it almost feels like a bug when you've been sitting around 2days and a half and most people have better things to do than this.

Here's some screenshot. as proof that I've met the requirement. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Lots of people here having the issue too

I guess It's just because of the lockdown. Ill go play another game while the lockdown is up.This could drive people away off the game IMO.

Notting I could do, sorry for pestering with a post.


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