SK Control Decks – What’s the Best Approach?

gerald witcher3 gwent

I find it interesting how many different ways there are to play SK Control decks at the moment, and want to have a discussion on how everyone prefers to play the archetype. As I see it, there's a few different ideas floating around right now. I'd say something like this is the most popular thing I see at the moment, with this Sunset Wanderers version a close second. My main questions I want to ask are:

  1. Is the Mushy Truffle/Little Havfrue package worth it in a Flurry Control deck, and why?
  2. Is Sunset Wanderers worth it in any SK Control deck, and why?
  3. Is the old Portal/Avallac'h:Sage/Fish Flappers/Madoc package still viable?
  4. Is Battle Trance worth a consideration over Reckless Flurry?
  5. Morkvarg:Heart of Terror or Geralt:Axii?


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