Slay the spire style single player mode?

the witcher and ciri gwent

So, we are aware of the fact that somewhere down the line we are getting a single player mode. Recently, I have been playing Slay the Spire and having a blast. If you enjoy card games, give it a try.

Anyways, it a Rogue lite where players are have to traverse through a tree, each node being a boss fight/merchant/etc. All paths lead to final node of the tree, which is a boss battle for that stage. You start out with a base deck and each time you defeat an enemy, you get to add a card into your deck. That is the basics, there are a lot more elements.

This would work great in Gwent. As a single player mode and a new multiplayer mode. I imagine a tournament mode where we are start out with the same base deck (depending on the faction). Each node is a fight with AI or another player. Winning means you get to add a card to your deck from same faction or neutral faction. Not sure what the end goal will be, but we can add so many RPG elements to make each run unique and fun.

Just some thoughts I got after playing Slay the spire.


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