Small rant about sound and server issues.

I want to start off saying I love this game and the highs it brings, but God is there a lot that just frustrates the hell out of me as well.

Main two points being sound, and variations of server issues.

My most most recent example was a scav run on Reserve. 38 minutes left, i go about my business looting, while making my way towards the train station to see if Glukose and his boys are there, throwing a flashbang for sound queues, and sure enough they were. Before starting a fight with his raiders, I made sure to double check if any player was lurking around too, came up empty handed. Taking down the first 2 raiders I need to sit back in a train car and heal, unfortunately with a heavy bleed and no way to fix it. Out of nowhere, I hear running on metal, as a player scav starts sprinting towards me on the roofs of the train building. No sound had been made as he went up there and he wasn't audible until he was right above me and circling to pinpoint my healing, and then he head, jaws me dropping down from the roof of the train car Im sitting in.

How did I not hear him move up onto the roof? Why was he inaudible to me up until he was basically on top of me? How did the raiders, who I had drawn towards me to pick off one by one, not react to him? It would've been impossible for him to sneak around them and get up on the roof before I arrived, but suddenly he was just there.

Server issues happen plenty of times as well. Bullets not registering when shot, rubber banding, being unable to make it through a raid because of constant disconnects with a "host" error, unable to invite my buddy to a group to even start the raid and 7 or 8 crashes to desktop etc.

It's frustrating, especially bullets not registering when fired, or not being able to invite my buddy to a raid so we can play, cause we've been a duo since this wipe began. Even once had an instance where a guy was shooting me from directly in front of me on woods, muzzle flash and everything lighting up in my face, but the player himself wasn't there so I was shooting back at nothing when I died.

I've tried being cheerful and joking about some of the stuff, but I've started hitting a point where the game gives me more anger than joy some days, because of issues outside of my control. I can accept if I lose a gunfight due to poor aim, bad judgement on my end or bad placement putting me and my teammate at a disadvantage and it's my own fault. But if someone eats an entire 30 round mag of 7.62 BP to the thorax and face and I come up with 0 hit count after seeing his body recoil back and blood splatter, and then I die, or if I shoot one of shturmans raiders in the head, and have to do a double take and shoot him in the face again because he didn't die to the first clean hit, that starts getting a little frustrating in the long run. And I know for a fact, sometimes I'm on the giving end of this, and I'm the one getting kills I shouldn't have gotten, due to my opponents shots not registering, or my bullets kill through surfaces it shouldn't be possible to kill through.

I still love the game and play religiously almost every day for up to 8 hours, cause I want to improve and get better because I know I can, but this game brings me frustration like no other.


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