Small Tarkov Tournament

Hey all, I haven't really posted on reddit before, but I wanted to reach out to the community of a game that I had made so many friends from. I am not a big streamer by any means, but my discord and I wanted to put together a Tarkov tournament on this Saturday (3/13/2021) at 3pm EST. The plan is to have in-game prizes. I email BSG about it to make sure it's good, so if something happens that would cause that to not be ok with them, then I'll have to change up the rewards then. Make sure to post you and your teammate's name (or just your name if you are going solo) in the #tournament-team-registration! This is the first time trying this, we tried refining the point system as much as we could with the general idea we had, so if this is held again, maybe it will be better refined and would maybe have something similar to Pestily's where I have more people helping me run this but for now I just wanted to get something out for the community of a game I enjoy so much. I should be streaming later tonight and tomorrow if there is any questions on it at Thank you all!!


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