Smart ship computer with Voice Attack?

I had a power thought today about somehow joining voice attack with Inara’s API for market information and other goodies.

I’ve been using Trade Computer Extension Mk. II for immersion, but it would be next level if I could ask, “Where can I find the best export price for wine in this system?” or “Where can I get the best price for non-lethal weapons within 30 light years?” and have the computer tell me the top result aloud by pulling from either TCE or Inara data. I think the effect would feel something like a ship computer AI for the ED universe.

Now that I type it out, it seems super complicated for what’s essentially an immersion tweak. You’d have to use an existing AI with natural language processing, join that with Voice Attack, then make it talk to a database for market info. Oof. A commander can dream.

Anyone found anything close to this idea out there?


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