Smurf experience last 50 or so games

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I'm not a good player. But I want to improve. I sought help even complained a bit, got humbled, and climbed. However, one complaint that has been consistent even throughout the three brackets that I was in (Herald, Guardian, and Crusader) is the high number of smurfs -both on and off my team. With Dota queues being so long and essentially waiting 10-20 minutes to find a game every time, I thought it would be more productive to actually compile a list of smurfs that are in my games (both on and off my team).

I read a lot of Reddit posts regarding this situation and usually, the same responses follow:"Smurfs don't exist they have their own pool it's not that bad", "Smurfs don't smurf in your bracket you're just mad you lost badly", etc. I genuinely don't believe any of that anymore at this point because smurfs are now essentially engraved into the ranked queue. The ranked queue is essentially a game between smurfs and who can carry the hardest.

This game is honestly not fun anymore because the queue times are extremely long due to the thinning out of players based on Behavior Score (another completely useless element that can not even effectively serve its purpose), in addition, waiting 10-20 minutes for a game only for it to have the usual russian smurf on EU West and EU East destroying the lobby and typing "gg ez noobs" and essentially wasting 30 minutes of everyone's time. Please add a surrender option, the smurfs in this game run rampant and we need something to let them fill their ego quicker and prevent us from wasting 30 more minutes in addition to the 20 minutes queue (50 minutes of total agony).

Anyway with regards to the spreadsheet and what is considered a smurf. A smurf is not a smurf just because that person had a good particular game and they were on a godlike spree. I take into account their steam account, dota level, steam account age, and of course their performance.To put it into context I'm at 1900-2200 and to see brand new accounts with less than 300-400 hours doesn't really seem plausible.


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