Smurfs / Boosters

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Hello. i just came back and missed playing DotA . I was Archon then i got in a Calibration, Which i played abit and met a smurf in Crusader bracket.

How are we gonna grind up with this kind of thing, I was hoping these guys were done by steam,

Dota ID: 471060927

Match : 6109774481

I know its good to encounter some smurfs/boosters to gain experience from them, for 2/3 i played i get one of them. So i managed to afk and had enough in the fountain because the match is already broken.

Dear Steam,

Don't let the game die, Please have a look. I know there are still some of few just like me who just recently played back dota cause theyd missed it. Most of them totally quits dota, but still love to watch in competitive games in tv/streams.

ps: Just let them had a IP Ban/HWID temporary for 1 month/week. for the risk of smurfing/boosting if proven, "Happy now, Sad Later"


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