Snapfire is genuinely one of the best heroes for the 2k MMR skill bracket.

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I know that there are probably other heroes that do this better but I'm having the most luck with Snapfire. In 2k MMR people like to dive a lot and do stupid shit. Snapfire prevents your team from suffering the negative consequences of diving and punishes the other team for diving. I have 5 wins in a row playing them and counting just from keeping all this in mind.

Lets look at Snapfire's ability pool:

  1. Scatterblast: High damaging slow that can be upgraded with shard to be a higher damaging slow + stun. Good for protecting carries with 0 sense of positioning.

  2. Firesnap Cookie: Mini-force staff with a stun that can HEAL with a level 15 talent. Good for protecting carries with 0 sense of positioning.

  3. Lil Shredder: High damaging armor-reducing "fuck you" with a massive range, good for laning and punishing literally any hero. Good for protecting carries who get upset that they don't have 5 kills 3 minutes into the laning phase.

  4. Mortimer Kisses: High damaging channeled slow with a massive aoe and massive range that people severely underestimate. Good for punishing enemy carries who activate their BKB too soon or too late and think snapfire's ult "Probably deals like 100 damage or whatever, I can probably facetank it."

  5. Ags ability that can eat allied heroes and fling them 3000 fucking units away.

Combine all of the above with force staff, shard upgrade, and guardian greaves and you now have prime babysitter role. Carry underestimates how much damage they do and starts to flee? Give them a fucking cookie. Carry gets permastunned because they blinked into 4 enemy heroes? Eat their ass and spit them out in the other direction. Enemy carry dives way too far out of position? Scatterblast them. Allied team dives way too far and gets in a teamfight? Cast ultimate to safely blast the area with artillery fire and do an insane amount of damage+slow.


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