Sniper in 7.29

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

I'm all for letting people experiment with new builds and heroes at the start of a new patch, but I keep seeing Sniper cores constantly because the hero got significant buffs and… he's still unpickable garbage. Which is really a testament to just how bad he was last patch considering how much he got buffed in 7.29. It seems like the script for every Sniper game I've seen is this: Sniper runs around and Shrapnels every wave until he has 30k networth and the rest of his team is extremely underfarmed and they're stuck in their base. Even with 30k networth, it still takes him 20 seconds of unimpeded autoattacks to kill any hero in the game. Maybe he wins one high ground fight if the enemy team is impatient while sieging (50/50 odds here), but, when he has to play outside of the base after a successful fight, the first time he walks slightly out of position he gets immediately obliterated and his team immediately loses. I've yet to see anything other than this happen, and his winrates in Divine/Immortal and on D2PT are still terrible. Despite his 49% winrates when you include every bracket, it seems like this number is inflated by Sniper support actually having a decent winrate. Is this just variance on my end, or is anyone else noticing the same thing happening when they've seen Sniper core?


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