So 9×18 has 14 different variants but essentially 3* weapons that can chamber it

Nobody really likes unnecessary idea/suggestion/'pls add this bsg' threads- especially after a fantastic new update, but bear with me:

According to this chart from BSG, 9×18 P is the 26th most used ammo (and surprisingly the worst of the 9×18 caliber). While being objectively inferior to 9×19 Parabellum, 9×18 is incredibly abundant (and has more variants than any other caliber) but doesn't have many actual opportunities to be used. The two most 'viable' variants in terms of penetration ability would be PBM and PMM, but PMM cannot be used in the Kedr or Kedr-B, leaving the Makarov pistols, APS pistols, and the Klin. The Klin isn't terrible- but it seems like nobody is interested in it since it can't really be modded. Same for the Makarov and APS.

So that's why the PP-19 Bizon, Škorpion, and AEK-919K could not come sooner (They've all been confirmed as upcoming but I've yet to see/hear anything else about them), assuming BSG doesn't opt for the 9×19 chambered versions of those weapons.

The best addition in my eyes would be the Bizon for it's modding potential: It has a side mount on the receiver for a B-13V picatinny rail or other dovetail sights, a muzzle that accepts suppressors, and replaceable stocks and pistol grips similar to the Vityaz**. Most importantly though would be the massive 64 round helical magazine- since when you have cheap ammo being able to dump your mag wildly is sort of compulsory.

That's it. bsg pls add Bizon.

*Techincally 8 but the others are basically variants of the Makarov, the APB is just a suppressed APS, and the Kedr/Klin are practically the same.

**I might be wrong about its modding potential but I've seen plenty of photos demonstrating Zenit attachments for it, and the Bizon is the precursor to the PP-19-01 Vityaz so the two share many features.


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