So, about fountain diving?

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In a recent DPC match (match ID 5944199121) in the WEU division, team OG dived into the fountain 4 times without ending the game when they could. I find this highly unprofessional, demonstrating a total lack of sportsmanship and respect for others.

I know this topic (fountain diving) has been discussed in this Reddit many times, and most of the opinions think it is just not a" big deal" and the player been dived should just "stop crying". However, I still think this is extremely inappropriate, as this is not just an AP or ranked, but a professional game, which means they are viewed by many others. In another word, I think they did not just represent themselves, but also partially represent the entire community, or to be precise, represent those who "played the best" in the community. Hence, when they are diving in a professional game, they are more or less encouraging the viewers to dive even more when they could, instead of ending the game and show some respect, and that would inevitably damage the community in long term (this would especially damage those new players when they just get, hypothetically, four fountain diving in five games).

P.S. to the particular game (match ID 5944199121) I mentioned above, their opponent (team Brame) had a really bad draft, bad laning phase, and in general played pretty bad gameplay, which I will not deny. Also, when OG picked PL, I can already see this game will end up with diving, however, I did not expect OG dived four times, which you can say they just purposefully fed four times to the team Brame, and I really find this game to be ugly and disgusting (and of course unprofessional).

I know it is almost impossible to stop all fountain diving in all games, but at least do something about illusions heroes being especially easy to dive when they got a huge advantage in the game. For example, just set the fountain to cast an AoE hex every 12 secs to all enemies inside the fountain, or simply clean all illusions every 12 secs or so.

So, to conclude, here is the TL; DR:

  1. I think in a professional game, the players should not dive like what happened in a recent DPC match (match ID 5944199121), as they more or less "represented" the "best" of the community, and when diving, you are not showing any basic respect to the other team.
  2. I think the fountain should have an ability to clean illusions, as illusion heroes can dive easily compare to other types of heroes.


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