So affliction perks are kinda OP with Paleo Luna

So I was messing around testing out some melees with the melee goddess Paleo Luna.

I haven’t been a fan of having affliction as my sixth perk for weapons because affliction is kind of underwhelming. But I know they changed how affliction works a few updates ago, so I decided to test affliction out with a nature Stabsworth schematic I have that has affliction.

Went into the 160 ETS (water storm), found a smasher, dropped a slow field, and what I saw was kind of unexpected.

I swung my Stabsworth once and saw a damage number of about 91,000. But then the affliction ticks were about 100,000 each.

I then tested it out on a husky husk. Hit it with my melee once and saw the same thing. After a few affliction ticks the husky was eliminated.

I then used a Core RePerk on my Guardian’s Will to change its sixth perk from stacking armor to affliction. Carried out the same test and got the same result (about 95,000 damage per swing and 117,000 damage per affliction tick).

Maybe my brain just isn’t working this sunny Friday afternoon, but why is affliction dealing that much damage? Why is it dealing more damage than a regular melee hit? And is affliction meant to also deal Paleo’s hero perk damage?


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