So… Another season of ventures…

They added ANOTHER season of ventures. Huh.

Don't get me wrong, it would've been fine if it was a new one, but it's the same one from last year! I get the feeling of letting other people who didn't play it last year play it now, but it just feel like they're recycling the game mode, just like the do with quest lines.

There's been a lot of hot takes regarding ventures, and here's mine: venture should be fun by giving the player an advantage over the husks. Just like the Christmas ventures season. This "new" season's modifier, 'rage', isn't an advantage and it just feels tedious to play.

Personally speaking, i don't want to play ventures anymore. Playing them requires so much time. I'm not aware if they've changed the rewards you get. If they didn't, then it sucks bc i know i will try to get level 11 for the voucher and then level 21 for the other voucher and then I'll think "hey I've come this far, why not try and get the superchargers" and you know how that goes. I've been playing so much for over a year now and I'm so tired. I genuinely don't want this to keep going…


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