So, are you guys still playing??

New Valheim update

As the title says, are you guys still playing??

I am. And I'm loving it. Currently building a cool outpost on the edge of the swamps – where prairie meets swamps. It's also right on the coast on raised ground, and built on stilts (the 4 ft normal wood posts. I'm thinking of making it two stories, we'll see.

I barely got to the swamps and am about to start delving into the swamp krypts – I want to be able to run back and forth with materials and smell all that precious iron lol. The cool thing is there's a plains area right beyond the swamps – so it's an Excell location to make good progress.

I'll probably post a pic of the outpost soon, as I'm really enjoying building it and know it's gonna look great. It's my fourth structure/outpost I've made, so all the stuff I've learned is going into this one.

It's also gonna have a dock for a boat, it's in a natural cove.

Really looking forward to finishing it!

Hope you guys are loving this game as much as I am 😁


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