So close yet so far

This is my first wipe I really played the game a lot (first time was two years ago and lvl 12 so I don't count that). Started in february and played about 400 hours and about 350 raids so far. It has been quite a journy and I am really satisfied with how far I came now. Lvl 43 and a really good working hideout that produces some extra cash. I can finally build every gun I want and run good gear from time to time. You could say I am established in tarkov and feel more comfortable.
But now I feel like I am hitting a wall. There are a few tasks left but I have the feeling I can't do them and with the possibility of a wipe just around the corner my motivation decreases dramaticly.
I need one more kill for chumming and I can do Bullshit, setup und silent caliber. Then I should be done with skier. For prepor I need four more nade kills and I can do Insomnia and test drive after that. For mechanic I need six more SBIH kills and I can do psycho sniper. And the worst part, of course, are the scav boss kills for Jaeger. I am at reshala at the moment and I have never killed killa or glukhar. So that's a real challange for me. And that should be all. It's not much left but what's left gives me the feeling I can't do it in time. Also I need the red firesteel I have never seen and lets not forget the guide. But I have a fife man squad as a backup for that. So shouldnt be a big deal if we actually tryhard it.
So y… that's it. Any suggestions how to takle the missing motivation? How long do you think it will take to the next wipe? Would be too epic to get Kappa in my first real wipe but I doubt myself hard right now.


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