So, does positive extraction karma make scav karma useless?

I literally cant play on factory anymore.
Factory is the smallest map and the easiest one to extract from.

3 times in a row i log onto factory to loot and get rolled over by duo or trio scav party.

I mean they know that they can kill some scavs and get their negative karma back, there is no reason for them NOT to kill friendly players especially now when we are forced to to this stupid wiggle bullshit.

What the hell is going on?
First BSG introduced karma to make scav gameplay less toxic, this backfired cause rewards were miniscule.

Now they for some reason decided to give +positive rep just for extraction. Meaning that if you kill friendly scav and then successfully extract – you get some% of karma back.

This is beyond stupid – it just incentivises people to kill each other for loot hoping that they can extract later.

TL;DR extraction karma ruined scav factory gameplay.

(sorry for bad english – not a native speaker)


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