So how do you balance a game like this?

the witcher and ciri gwent

I started playing gwent about 8 months ago, and it is the first ccg I have ever played, for the first two months I goofed around with homebrew decks and had a good time experimenting with the numerous mechanics the game has. I was able to climb to top 3 (Rank) without guides or netdecking. I then started learning the terminology used in card games whilst looking for decks online, watching streamers, and engaging in reddit discussions.

One thing I noticed is that the game is never perfectly balanced, yet people always rant about how this game needs fixing no matter what's the meta, no matter what are the changes. Coming from RPG, fighting, and FPS games I find the gwent team to be very good at addressing issues and updating the game regularly, in my experience not many games perform monthly updates that change the game one way or another.

It seems that balancing a card or archetype is essentially "killing it" so that another archetype will rise in its place or creating an archetype so powerful that it will render the former useless, viy being the latest example for both, but people keep on demanding "balance" only to start asking for a new type of balance, even though this season has been really tough to breathe I still find the game in its current state to be fine.

So my question for more seasoned CCG gamers, how is a game like that balanced? I ask that you answer based on experience, and thanks in advance.


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