So I come back to the STW after like a year and…

(Disclaimer: This is not complaining about the lack of new content and so on. Just my point of view how I see the game after a year)

After a year of just collecting daily rewards, I forced myself to try play it again, and I started enjoying it once again. What I evaluate positively is that items now stack to 999 instead of 200. It saved me a lot of storage. Thank you for that. Sadly I haven't seen any QoL changes, but it's alright. Even something is something.
On the other hand what I'm really disappointed in, is the same venture map, event, and llama. Yes! I know they slowed down development, but I'm not talking about new content. I was just hoping to see different old events. Like at the time when I stopped playing the game there was a "Hit The Road" event and Rad Llama and ofc blasted badlands venture. What I'm happy about is "Beyond the stellar horizon" I haven't played that quest and I'm glad I could get Azalea. But I was hoping for llama with Retro Sci-Fi stuff. Or just a simple other llamas/event that wasn't there for a long time.

Please Epic if you us get recycled content, at least give us content that we haven't seen for a while. Peace


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