So I guess they can make it to a new level

Just another normal day of PUBS dungeon.

I don't even know we got a leecher until got in B2,

There was 2 keys around that guy but he just stand there literally do nothing.

(At this time, no one know this so no one talk about leech)

Every normal player should know what's going on…so I checked his point which's all 0.<HERE WE GO AGAIN>

And then, it's all on screenshot.

Our teammate ask for shotgun ammo he did the same answer.

*.Guess this leecher was watching screen whole time but he just leeching with do nothing. Except farm a bit / do the random build thing.

Before you ask, kicking system did warn him once, but he know how to avoid it like other leechers,

just do some random building and he survived.

Pretty funny that leechers are getting more toxic.

Guess this anti AFK system means nothing to this kind of leech/AFKers.


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